2022 Exhibitors

last updated: 10/21/2022

Advanced Probing Systems, Inc.

Booth: 315

The World’s Leader in the Manufacture of Probes Used in Cantilever Wafer Test, LED and LCD Testing. Advanced Probing Systems can produce custom pins for your test applications in tungsten, tungsten-rhenium, berylliumcopper, palladium alloys and NewTek™, APS’s proprietary non-oxidizing material. Lower your overall cost of testing by using APS’s quality probe needles.

Edward Johnson | ejohnson@advancedprobing.com
465 S. Pierce Avenue #200, Louisville, CO 80027 USA

Celadon Systems, Inc.

Booth: 512

Celadon Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPI, is a well-established 20-year-old US-based company known for providing “Peace of Mind” probing solutions to the semiconductor industry.
Celadon probe cards are known for thriving in temperature extremes while still delivering accurate and precise test results.
Expect millions of touchdowns with Celadon probe cards. Celadon delivers the lowest cost of test in the industry.
Celadon is an industry leader in parametric probe both in production and in the lab.

Garrett Tranquillo | garrett.tranquillo@celadonsystems.com
13795 Frontier Court, Burnsville, MN 55337 USA

Chain-Logic International Corp.

Booth: 513

Chain Logic International Corp. (CLIC) established in 1994 was located in Hsinchu Taiwan, and our mother company is MPI Corporation which was IPO since 2003. CLIC is a professional agent in Taiwan and provides technologic service for the manufacturing of high-tech industries such as LED, LCD, Semiconductor and etc.

Cara Lin | lara.lin@cli.com.tw
NO.988, Litoushan Sec., Wenshan Rd, Hsinpu, Hsinchu Hsing, 30543, Taiwan

Chroma ATE, Inc.

Booth: 219

Chroma is a world leading manufacturer of complete electronic test and measurement solutions for commercial, automotive, military and government industries. Chroma is pleased to announce the Parametric Test System with ALL Per Pin capabilities and the Hyperion Parametric/Reliability Test Shell which provides the total solution to fill the gap between bench top and production system for the first time in the parametric test market.

Ching-Too Chen | cchen@chromaus.com
7 Chrysler Irvine, CA 92618 USA

Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. (CHPT)

Booth: 220

Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. (CHPT) was founded on Aug. 26, 2005. It was located in Pingzhen Industrial Park, Taoyuan City. CHPT was the high-speed PCB team in the Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories. We have been focusing on the interface board services required for testing in the semiconductor industry since 2001. Our primary products are Load Board for IC test, probe PCB for wafer test, substrate for vertical probe card and DUT board for memory test.

Jessica Yu | jessica.yu@chpt.com
No.12, Gongye 3rd Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324 Taiwan

ERS electronic GmbH

Booth: 205

ERS electronic GmbH, based around Munich, has been providing innovative thermal management solutions to the semiconductor industry for more than 50 years. The company has gained an outstanding reputation, notably with its fast and accurate air cooling-based thermal chuck systems for test temperatures ranging from -65°C to +550°C for analytical, parameter-related and manufacturing probing.

Laurent Giai-Miniet | lgm@ers-gmbh.de
Stettiner Strasse 3, Germering, 82110 Germany

esmo Taiwan Co., Ltd

Booth: 214

Established in 2001, esmo group is an international enterprise that provides innovative and advanced engineering solutions to the semiconductor test industry. esmo Semicon is a leading worldwide supplier of handler, manipulators, docking, and interface systems. With strategically located facilities in Germany, China, Southeast Asia, USA and Taiwan.

Our strong portfolio of leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery, and innovative production engineering allows us to meet the most challenging requirements with competence and competitiveness.

Caroline Lin | caroline.lin@esmo-asia.com
9F., No. 247, Dong Sec. 1, Guangming 6th Rd., Zhubei City, TW-HSQ 302044, Taiwan

Ferrotec Material Technologies Corporation

Booth: 501

Ferrotec is a world leader in advanced materials, component, and system solutions.
Ferrotec offers machinable ceramics and ceramic components manufactured using our advanced Photoveel material.

Ferrotec ceramics offer exceptional strength and performance for probe card applications and are ideal for rapid prototyping and accelerating your time to market.

Diya Su | diya.su@mail.sumitronics.com.tw
8F., No. 415, Sec. 2, Gongdao 5th Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300 Taiwan

FormFactor Inc.

Booth: 212

FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM) is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug, to qualification and production test.

By expanding its broad-based test expertise across the design-to-silicon continuum, FormFactor can provide a comprehensive perspective, to become a trusted partner in the semiconductor industry ecosystem.

Carole Garner | carole.garner@formfactor.com
7005 Southfront Road, Livermore, CA 94551 USA

Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Booth: 506

Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international familyowned portfolio company. The company’s roots go back to a family pharmacy started in 1660. Today, the
Heraeus group includes businesses in the environmental, electronics, health and industrial applications
sectors. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions based on broad materials
expertise and technological leadership.

Julia Haenlein | julia.haenlein@heraeus.com
Heraeusstrasse 12-14, Hanau 63450 Germany

Hermes Testing Solutions Inc.
htsi hermes testing solutions inc.

Booth: 217

Tzu Chien Wang | Steven.Wang@hermes.com.tw
2F-2, No.18, Puding Rd, Hsinchu 300 Taiwan

Integrated Technology Corp.

Booth: 202

Integrated Technology Corporation has been serving the needs of our customers for more than 35 years. We provide solutions for metrology and testing equipment in many areas. Test, analysis, and repair of IC probe cards, Innovative metrology and inspection solutions, Solutions for dynamic testing.

Spencer Chung | spencerc@inttechcorp.com
9F, No.112, Lipeng Rd., East Hsinchu City, 30072, Taiwan

International Test Solutions / Entegris
international test solutions

Booth: 213

International Test Solutions (ITS) is a leading global supplier of highly engineered cleaning materials supporting the semiconductor industry. ITS products are used for advanced probe cards at parametric test & wafer sort operations (PCC), test socket applications during package test (TCC) and chuck cleaning at front- and backend tools (CCW).

ITS provides critical materials and turnkey products that enable device manufactures and foundries to maximize uptime and throughput for substantial cost of test savings.

Catherine Griffiths Scholze | cathy.scholze@cmcmaterials.com
2050 E Asu Cir #101, Tempe, Arizona 85284, USA

intest ems

Booth: 303

inTEST EMS Products designs and manufactures engineered solutions for ATE and other electronic tests, as well as industrial process applications. Our products are used by semiconductor manufacturers to perform the development, qualifying, and final testing of integrated circuits (ICs) and wafers, and for other electronic test across a range of industries.

William Wyckoff | wiwyckoff@gmail.com
2059 Seabreeze Street, Newbury Park, California 91320, USA

IWIN Co., Ltd.
iwin solution

Booth: 505

IWIN Co.,ltd. develops Board to Board connecting interposer for Probe card and Test equipment for the post processes of semiconductors with progressive stamping technology. We offer products of the best correspondence and the top quality for customer needs with competitive price.

AJ Park | aj@iwinsn.com
#206 CBTP OChang, Cheongwon, Cheongju, 28115 South Korea

JEM Taiwan Probe Corp.

Booth: 502

JEM Taiwan Corp. is a subsidiary of JEM (Japan Electronic Materials Corporation), a world leader in probe card manufacturing. Established in 1998, JEM Taiwan is a supplier of technically advanced, high-quality probe cards and tester interfaces. Probe cards are electronic interface cards used for testing semiconductors. They play a vital role in the final production process of semiconductor wafers.

Sean Teng | jt-sales@jem-net.co.jp
6F, No. 35, Hsin Tai Rd, Chu-pei City, Hsin-Chu Hsien 302 Taiwan

JTT Test Solutions Partner Co., Ltd

Booth: 503

黃品岳 (Pin-yueh, Huang) | jtt51@jt-tech.com.tw
5F-1, No. 31, Huanke 1st Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302047, Zhubei, 302047 Taiwan

Lincstech Co., Ltd.

Booth: 112

Satoko Goto | goto.satoko.ra@lincstech.com
4F, Kanematsu Building 2-14-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan

MJC Taiwan
mjc taiwan

Booth: 305

MJC has been established for 50 years since its establishment in 1970. It is a leading company in semiconductors and LCD testing and measuring equipment. MJC is also a top manufacturer of contact terminal probe card for IC circuit testing, as well as a top manufacturer of semiconductors and LCD testing system and is deeply trusted and respected by customers at home and abroad. We are now further honing our microelectronics technology and expand our business.

Kajiwara Kunitomo | kajiwara@twmjc.com.tw
No.36, Sec.2, Huanbei Rd., Zhubei City, Zhubei City 30265 Taiwan

MPI Corporation
mpi corporation

Booth: 511

MPI Corporation, founded in 1995, leads the world with advanced probing technology. MPI dedicates to producing state-of-the-art fine pitch probing tool which enhances the speed of the worldwide semiconductor technology migration.

Raymond Chuang | raymond.chuang@mpi.com.tw
No. 155, Chung-Ho St., Chu-pei City, Hsinchu County, 302 Taiwan

NAGASE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Booth: 313

NAGASE (TAIWAN) CO., LTD was established in 1988, and is mainly engaged in the import and export trade and domestic sales of chemical raw materials, dyes, production equipment, electronic raw materials, life sciences products, medical equipment and plastic products.
We will showcase the following products in this exhibition.
Probe Card Cleaning Sheet – PacTech
Cantilever Bonder/Cutter: High Accuracy Automatic Laser Bonder on Probe Card Level

Albert Chan | albert.chan@nagase.com.tw
16 F., No. 248, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taipei, 10595 Taiwan

Nidec SV TCL
nidec sv tcl

Booth: 508

Nidec SV TCL is a global provider of quality semiconductor testing solutions. Our product line includes innovative MEMS Probes and various Probe Card technologies. Our MEMS Probes are fully customizable and can be utilized for many advanced devices. Our worldwide infrastructure provides coverage for major semiconductor regions around the world.

Ryan Chuang | rrschuang@nidecsvtcl.com
3F, No. 35, Sintai Road Jhubei City, Hsin Chu County 302 Taiwan

Onto Innovation
onto innovation

Booth: 102

Onto Innovation is a leader in process control with leading-edge technologies that include: Unpatterned wafer quality; 3D metrology spanning chip features from nanometer scale transistors to large die interconnects; macro defect inspection of wafers and packages; elemental layer composition; overlay metrology; factory analytics; and lithography for advanced semiconductor packaging.

Danny Chen | danny.chen@ontoinnovation.com
16 Jospin Road, Wilmington, MA 01887 USA

Oxford Lasers Ltd.
oxford lasers

Booth: 504

Oxford Lasers specialize in the production of vertical guide plates, providing a global outsourcing service to many Probe Card companies throughout the world. We have the ability to drill and cut features with extremely high precision in a wide variety of materials from Silicon Nitride and Alumina etc. through to Photoveel and polymers. These micro holes being suitable for square, rectangular or round probes with dimensions from 20 microns upwards. We also supply our Probe Drill tools.

Alan Ferguson | alan.ferguson@oxfordlasers.com
Unit 8 Moorbrook Park, Didcot, OX11 7HP UK

Posalux SA

Booth: 221

Founded in 1943, Posalux is a Swiss leading manufacturer of micro-machining solutions intended for mass production. With our machines well known for their long-lasting quality and reliability, we focus on niche markets requiring custom solutions and strong support for applications.

René Stössel | rstoessel@posalux.com
Rue Fritz-Oppliger 18, Biel/Bienne, 2504 Switzerland

R&D Altanova, Advantest Group
r and d altanova advantest group

Booth: 104

Advantest is the leading manufacturer of automatic test and measurement equipment used in the production of semiconductors for applications including 5G, IoT, autonomous vehicles, high performance computing (HPC) and more. Its leading-edge products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. The company also conducts R&D to address emerging testing challenges and develops advanced test-interface solutions for wafer sort and final test.

Bassam Afoor | basfoor@rdaltanova.com
3061 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134 USA


Booth: 218

Highspeed Digital, RF mm-wave , Power, Optical connectivity solution.

Jason Chiang 江政頡 | jason.chiang@samtec.com
Rm. C, 4F., No.167, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan


Booth: 509

Founded in 2000, SEMICS is headquartered in Gonsiam, South Korea.The global sales and installation maintenance machine is about 3500 units.Now it has become a global leader in wafer testing machines, with professional R&D, production, business and marketing teams, and has 12 locations around the world. At SEMICS, we adhere to a high-quality product concept and provide customers with the most professional customer service. In the face of changing market demands, SEMICS has the ability to respond quickly to meet a wide range of consumer needs.

振和 陳 | chadc@hauman.com.tw
4F-15, No.38, Tai yuan St. Zhu Bei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan


Booth: 203

Established in 1976, SPEA is a world leader in the field of automatic test equipment for semiconductors and electronic boards. Product portfolio includes:

  • Automated test cells for MEMS devices, combining handling, testing, and physical stimulus for single-function or COMBI MEMS;
  • Analog Mixed-Signal semiconductor testers;
  • Test Cells for Power Modules, MOS, IGBT;
  • Double-sided Wafer Prober and Tester;
  • Flying Probe Testers, for testing PCBs, probe cards, load boards
  • In-Circuit Board Testers, offering highest throughput

Elia Petrogalli | elia.petrogalli@spea.com
Via Torino, 16 Volpiano, 10088, Italy

STAr Technologies, Inc.
star technologies inc

Booth: 204

2022 marks the 21st anniversary of STAr Technologies, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and branches out to USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and China. STAr is the world leading supplier of WAT and CIS probe cards and has continuously improved our technologies, lead time and cost-of-ownership for the customers.

Cynthia Liu | liu_cynthia@star-quest.com
2F., No.101, Gongdao 5th RD., Sec. 2 Hsinchu City 300046 Taiwan

Sung Han Co., Ltd

Booth: 215

ChengLung Huang | sh001@sunghan.com.tw
Rm. 2, 5F., No. 33, Huanke 1st Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302047 Taiwan


Booth: 510

Technoprobe is a leading company in the field of semiconductors and microelectronics. Technoprobe develops advanced and highly innovative testing solutions and is a strategic partner for the world’s leading semiconductor companies.
Technoprobe specialises in the design, development and production of probecards for the biggest technology brands. Its vast portfolio includes cantilever to advanced MEMS vertical technology and motherboards to final test boards which enable to meet the most complex requirements in the world of chip testing.

Marita Villarreal | marita.villarreal@technoprobe.com
2526 Qume Drive Ste #27, San Jose, CA 95131 USA


Booth: 110

Teradyne tests and helps build the world’s most innovative products. Our leading-edge testers and interface hardware make sure that new products work right the first time, every time. And our portfolio of industrial automation solutions helps manufacturers to develop and deliver new products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Eric Shoemaker | eric.shoemaker@teradyne.com
15 Burnham RD, Windham, New Hampshire 3087 USA


Booth: TBD

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