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Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors

SWTest Asia 2023 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

star technologies
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gel-pak protecting the world's valuable devices

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heraeus precious metals
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Chairman’s Welcome to SWTest Asia 2023 Conference and EXPO

Welcome to SWTest Asia 2023

Please Enjoy Beautiful Taiwan!!!

Hello SWTest Asia 2023 Attendees!

We are extremely pleased to be back at the beautiful Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel in Zhubei City, Taiwan, for SWTest Asia 2023.  At SWTest Asia, we create a friendly environment for all attendees to learn about industry innovations and connect face-to-face with colleagues, top suppliers, and service providers.  Throughout the two-day program, we schedule ample opportunities for all attendees to network in a relaxed setting.

It is my great pleasure to recognize and thank the Platinum Sponsors of SWTest Asia 2023 – (alphabetically) FormFactor, Gel-Pak, MJC, Oxford Lasers, PTSL, STAr Technologies, Technoprobe, and Teradyne – for their continuing participation and generous sponsorship.  During the EXPO, be sure to visit with these important Platinum Sponsors and learn more about their leading technologies and product offerings.  I highly encourage you to attend the Technology Showcase Presentations to learn more about each Platinum Sponsor.   

During the EXPO, please be sure to also visit our Gold and Silver Sponsors in addition to the Platinum Sponsors to thank them for their continued participation and support.  We appreciate all their contributions for helping to make the SWTest Asia Conference such a valuable technology and networking event to the Asia wafer test community.

SWTest Asia hopes that you enjoy your time in Taiwan and the Hsinchu area.

See you at the conference and during the EXPO.

Best Regards,

Jerry Broz, PhD
General Chair

SWTest Conferences

SWTest Asia Team and Committee Members

SWTest Chairs

Jerry Broz, PhD
General Chair (Delphon Industries – USA)

Rey Rincon
Technical Chair (PTSL – USA)

Patrick Mui
Technical Co-Chair (JEM America – USA)

Maddie Harwood
Finance Chair & Conference Management (CEM – USA)

SWTest Asia Program Chairs

  • Nobuhiro Kawamata, Japan Program Chair (FormFactor – Japan)
  • Clark Liu, Taiwan Program Chair (Taiwan MJC – Taiwan)

SWTest Asia Steering Committee

  • John Caldwell (MJC Electronics Corp. – USA)
  • Eric Chia-Cheng Chang, PhD (Intel Corporation – USA)
  • Alan Ferguson, PhD (Oxford Lasers, Inc. – United Kingdom)
  • Joonyeon Kim (Samsung – Korea)
  • Kuroki Yoichi (Tera Probe – Japan)
  • Muru Meyyappan (Marvell Technology – USA) 
  • Masahide Ozawa, Industrial Advisor
  • Kenny Tang (TSMC – Taiwan)
  • Joey Wu (SWTest Asia Member at Large – Taiwan)
  • Alex Yang (MPI Corporation – Taiwan)

SWTest Asia 2023 Mobile App

The official SWTest Asia app is your go-to guide for the event, keeping you up to date with all the latest news and information.

The SWTest Asia 2023 Conference Mobile App is now available to download.
Go to the App store and search for “SWTest Asia” or click on the App store links below.

While the app is available to download, you will not be able to access information in the app until Wednesday, November 1st at 5:00 AM CST (Taiwan) when we go LIVE!

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  • We will also be utilizing the app to distribute the password for eProceedings via push notification and important SWTest Asia announcements.
  • To log into the App, you will need to use the email address associated with your registration.
  • Should you need any app support, please send an email to swtest2023@getvfairs.io

Golf Tournament – Wednesday, November 1st


  • 5:30 – Board Bus from Sheraton Hsinchu
  • 5:45 – Bus leaves Sheraton Hsinchu
  • 6:25 – Arrive at Royal Golf Course
  • 6:30 – Teams Check-in and Box Breakfasts are distributed
  • 6:50 – Tee Time
  • 11:30 – Tournament Play Completed
  • 11:30 – Complimentary Hot Springs & Spa for Golfers
  • 12:00 – Cocktail Reception
  • 12:30 – Lunch & Awards Banquet
  • 14:30 – Bus leaves for return to Sheraton Hsinchu
  • 15:10 – Bus arrives back to Sheraton Hsinchu

Friday Street Food Festival


17:15 – 19:15 in the 5 F Chapel+Garden

Come join us at our version of the Taiwan Night Market. Although our festivities will be happening as the sun goes down, not under darkness of night, you won’t want to miss the delicious food stalls, music and entertainment that takes place in the Night Market.

Wander through the food stalls and select gastronomic delicacies, enjoy the music of the night and the entertaining magician. Have the caricature artist sketch your portrait. And, don’t forget to say Hello to the Fukuoka Prefecture, the co-host of next year’s SWTest Asia Conference & EXPO in Fukuoka, Japan. But most importantly, come socialize with friends and colleagues, old and new, as we close out this year’s SWTest Asia 2023 Conference and EXPO!

Registration Check-in Hours

Attendee Check-in

Thursday, November 2
7:00 – 17:00

Friday, November 3
7:00 – 17:00

Exhibitor Check-in

Thursday, November 2
7:00 – 10:00

Exhibitor Booth Setup

Thursday, November 2
8:00 – 9:30

  • No on-site registrations will be accepted.
  • A registration badge is required for admission to the keynote presentation, all technical sessions, the tech showcase, and the EXPO hall.

Full Conference

  • Thursday and Friday afternoon/evening receptions,
  • Bento box lunch in the EXPO Hall on Thursday & Friday
  • Thursday and Friday refreshment breaks
  • Entry to the Technical Conference, EXPO, and the Tech Showcase
  • Electronic Proceedings distributed at the conference

Expo Only

  • Thursday and Friday afternoon/evening receptions,
  • Bento box lunch in the EXPO Hall on Thursday & Friday
  • Thursday and Friday refreshment breaks
  • Entry to the EXPO and the Tech Showcase
  • Electronic Proceedings distributed at the conference

Tech Showcase

Our Platinum Sponsors will showcase their latest products and services at the Tech Showcase, being held in the Plum + Tung room around the corner from the EXPO Hall. Here’s the latest Tech Showcase schedule:

Thursday, November 2

  • Tech Showcase #1
    12:25 – 12:45
  • Tech Showcase #2
    12:55 – 13:15
  • Tech Showcase #3
    13:25 – 13:45
  • Tech Showcase #4
    15:35 – 15:55
    Oxford Laser

Friday, November 3

  • Tech Showcase #5
    10:05 – 10:25
  • Tech Showcase #6
    12:25 – 12:45
  • Tech Showcase #7
    12:55 – 13:15
    STAr Technologies
  • Tech Showcase #8
    13:25 – 13:45
    Taiwan MJC

Program Schedule

Please visit the Agenda in the mobile app for information on the technical sessions, meals, and social events.

Thursday, November 2
Friday, November 3
Thursday, November 2
8:45 – 9:00Welcome Address for SWTest Asia 2023
Jerry BROZ, PhD, SWTest General Chair (Delphon – USA)
9:00 – 10:00KEYNOTE 1
Advanced Electronic Heterogeneous Integration and Testing

Wei-Chung LO, PhD
Deputy General Director
Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories (EOSL)
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
10:00 – 10:30Tea Break in EXPO Hall
10:30 – 12:00Technical Session 1: New Probe MFG
Session Chair: Eric CHIA-CHANG (Intel – USA)
10:30 – 11:00Characteristics of The New Pd-based Alloy for Probe-pins, TK-FS, which has three unique features: High Hardness/High Electrical Conductivity/High Ductility
Takeshi FUSE, Kunihiro SHIMA, and Takeyuki SAGAE (TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO K.K. -Japan)
11:00 – 11:30Application of MD (Molecular Dynamics) methodology in the development and verification of advanced MEMS materials for future wafer probe cards
Young Jun PARK, Jin-Wook JANG, Sang Dan KIM, Song Ho KIM, In Suk LEE, Joon Young CHOI (Korea Instrument – South Korea), Changhyun CHO, Joonyeon KIM (Samsung Electronics – South Korea)
11:30 – 12:00Cutting Cost and Resolution Enabled by Novel Photonic Technologies for Next-Generation Probe Cards Manufacturing
Ksenija VARGA and Thomas UHRMANN (EV Group – Austria)
12:00 – 14:00LUNCH (Tech Showcase 1 – 3)
14:00 – 15:30Technical Session 2: Electrical Challenge
Session Chair: Alan FERGUSON (Oxford Lasers – UK)
14:00 – 14:30Contact Resistance Application in Parametric Testing
Iwan KURNIAWAN, Kar Loong LOW and Thiam Seng YIP (Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte. Ltd. – Singapore)
14:30 – 15:00SiC, GaN and more: Probing Technologies for HV/HC Power Devices
Rainer GAGGL (T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH – Austria)
15:00 – 15:30Current Carrying Capacity Maximization in Probe Cards And the Path to An Unburnable Probe
Hadi NAJAR (Form Factor Inc. – USA)
15:30 – 16:00Tea Break in EXPO Hall (Tech Showcase 4)
16:00 – 17:30Technical Session 3: AI in Probing Tech
Session Chair: Muru MEYYAPPAN (Marvell Technology – USA)
16:00 – 16:30Seamless ATE test program generation using a ML approach – Multi-label classification
SenthilKumar DHAMODHARAN, Vaishnavi SARAVANAN, Dinesh ARIVALAGAN, and Lavanya RAJU (Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd – India)
16:30 – 17:00Probes Cleaning Effectiveness challenges for fine pitch and high density Logic Probe Cards with MEMS tips
Wen Jung CHANG (Micron – Taiwan)
17:00 – 17:30Probe Card Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence Assistance System
Adolph CHENG, Ying-Jen CHEN and Anthony FAN (MPI Corporation – Taiwan) Jia-Yu PENG and Prof. Chen-Fu CHIEN (AIMS Research Center, NSTC – Taiwan)
Friday, November 3
8:45 – 9:00Friday Program Intro
Jerry BROZ, PhD, SWTest General Chair (Delphon – USA)
9:00 – 10:00KEYNOTE 2
Wafer in, SSD out – Famous Last Words of a Test engineer to Manufacturing: “Test All Bits!”

Vice President of Memory Product Solutions
Western Digital, Inc.
10:00 – 10:30Tea Break in EXPO Hall (Tech Showcase 5)
10:30 – 12:00Technical Session 4: Marketing & Innovation
Session Chair: Kenny TANG (TSMC Corporation – Taiwan)
10:30 Р11:003D microprinted probes for testing at sub 20 µm pitch
Wabe KOELMANS, Sam LIN, Anita HUANG, Angus WANG, Edgar HEPP, Francesco COLANGELO, Patrik SCHÜRCH (Exaddon AG – Switzerland)
11:00 – 11:30Silicon Photonic On-Wafer Test
Choon Leong LOU and Ban Ban LIM (STAr Technologies, Inc. – Taiwan), Soon Leng TAN and Wei Liang SIO (CompoundTek Pte Ltd – Singapore)
11:30 – 12:00Probe Card Market Dynamics and Cost of Test Analysis
Panchami Divakar PHADKE (TechInsights – USA)
12:00 – 14:00LUNCH (Tech Showcase 6 – 8)

14:00 – 15:30

Technical Session 5: KGD Technology
Session Chair: Alex YANG (MPI Corporation – Taiwan)

14:00 – 14:30Waveform consideration of shared driver
Shoichi MATSUO (Micron Memory Japan Inc. – Japan)
14:30 – 15:00AMT 5000: KGD Testing at the Die Level Optimized for HBM
Calvin PARK (AMT. CO. LTD. – South Korea)
15:00 – 15:30KGD 56G PAM4 High Speed Testing for data center product – Setup Stability Improvement at Wafer Sort
Wei Hoong YAP (Marvell Technology Inc. – Singapore)
15:30 – 16:00Tea Break in EXPO Hall (Tech Showcase 9)

16:00 – 17:00

Technical Session 6: High Speed Challenge
Session Chair: Joey WU (SWTest Conference – Taiwan)
16:00 – 16:30High Speed Probe Card architecture for High End Devices
Alberto BERIZZI, Alice GHIDONI, Xin-Reng FOO, Chee-Hoe LIN, Ivan GIUDICEANDREA, Giancarlo BRIVIO, Raffaele VALLAURI (Technoprobe – Italy)
16:30 – 17:00Complex Impedance Matching Structures for Advanced On–Wafer AiP Testing
Pratik GHATE (FormFactor, Inc – USA)
17:00 – 17:15Awards for Best Presentations
Jerry BROZ, PhD, SWTest General Chair (Delphon – USA)
17:15 – 19:15Friday Street Food Festival
5 F Chapel+Garden

Exhibitor Directory

2023 floorplan dated october twenty eighth - see booth numbers and companies above

Booth: 506

Progressing hand-in-hand with a diverse array of peoples, Tokyo Seimitsu prides itself on its ability to leverage technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s premier products. This unchanging philosophy is personified in our new corporate brand, ACCRETECH. We seek to gather global, cutting-edge technologies across organization, country and region, to overcome challenges and precipitate growth.

accretech tokyo seimitsu

Booth: 106

Advantest is the leading manufacturer of automatic test and measurement equipment used in the design and production of semiconductors for applications including 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, high-performance computing (HPC) including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and more. Its leading-edge systems and products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. The company also conducts R&D to address emerging testing challenges and applications; develops advanced test-interface solutions for wafer sort and final test; produces scanning electron microscopes essential to photomask manufacturing; and offers system-level test solutions and other test-related accessories. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest is a global company with facilities around the world and an international commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility.

Bright Toward Ind., Co., Ltd.

Booth: 217

Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd (TOWARD RELAYS as a brand ) has been a manufacturer of Solid State Relays, Opto-MOSFET Relays, Opto- SiC MOSFET Relays, Reed Relays, Wet Reed Relays, and RF MEMS Switches since 1988.

We have been supplying the world’s semiconductor testing, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Industrial Control, and Telecommunication Industries for over three decades.

As of 2021, our annual revenue is USD 50million, with factories located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Zhejiang, China. Worldwide sales offices are located in Singapore, Germany, San Jose, Rhode Island, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Taipei.

toward relays bright logo
Caliber Interconnects Private Limited

Booth: 503

Greetings from Caliber Interconnects! We have been serving the semiconductor industry for the past 20+ years providing IC testing and its allied Services including SI/PI, Hardware development, Packaging design.

Celadon Systems, Inc.

Booth: 222

Celadon Systems is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider, driving technological innovation across various industries. Our team of expert engineers is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable, crafting state-of-the-art solutions to tackle complex challenges for our clients.

While innovation is our hallmark, our dedication to building enduring client relationships is equally paramount. We prioritize listening, understanding, and collaborating with our clients to align our solutions seamlessly with their goals. Our unwavering focus on exceptional customer service sets us apart, fostering trust and reliability as a preferred partner for businesses.

As the technological landscape evolves, Celadon Systems remains steadfast in our mission to empower businesses, industries, and individuals with cutting-edge tools. Together, we embrace a journey of limitless possibilities, shaping a better and brighter future. Join us and become a part of this transformative adventure.

celadon systems
Chain-Logic International Corp.

Booth: 221

Chain Logic International Corp. (CLIC) established in 1994 was located in Hsinchu Taiwan, and our mother company is MPI Corporation which was IPO since 2003. CLIC is a professional agent in Taiwan and provides technical support, service for the manufacturing of high-tech industries such as Semiconductor, Optical devices, PCB, discrete devices and etc. sectors.

chain logic international corp
Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. (CHPT)

Booth: 207

Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. (CHPT) was founded on Aug. 26, 2005. It was located in Pingzhen Industrial Park, Taoyuan City. CHPT was the high-speed PCB team in the Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories. We have been focusing on the interface board services required for testing in the semiconductor industry since 2001. Our primary products are Load Board for IC test, probe PCB for wafer test, substrate for vertical probe card and DUT board for memory test.


Booth: 509

As a global company working with leading manufacturers to enable ongoing advancement in technology, Entegris has a global infrastructure that includes strategically placed manufacturing sites, R&D facilities, and customer support centers. We make infrastructure investments that put us closer to our customers in all global regions. Our highly skilled team members, facilities and resources are right where you need them to help you solve your most advanced technology challenges.

Entegris is a leading supplier of highly engineered cleaning materials used for advanced probe cards at parametric test & wafer sort operations (PCC), test socket applications during package test (TCC) and chuck cleaning at front- and backend tools (CCW).

Our critical materials and turnkey products enable device manufactures and foundries to maximize uptime and throughput for substantial cost of test savings.

ERS electronic GmbH

Booth: 219

ERS electronic GmbH, based in Germering close to Munich, has been providing innovative thermal management solutions to the semiconductor industry for more than 50 years.

The company has gained an outstanding reputation, notably with its fast and accurate air cooling-based thermal chuck systems for test temperatures ranging from -65°C to +550°C for analytical, parameter-related and manufacturing probing.

ERS also supplies the Advanced Packaging market with its fully automatic and manual debonding and warpage adjust tools used for Fan-Out Wafer-Level-Packaging (FOWLP) and Panel-Level-Packaging (FOPLP) technologies up to 650 x 650 mm format.

Our headquarter, sales department, engineering center and production facilities are in the Munich suburb of Germering, and we also have sales and support offices worldwide.

Exaddon AG

Booth: 215

Exaddon’s template-free 3D printing technology prints high conductivity metal with micrometer resolution.

We have transitioned from fundamental research applications to semiconductor testing, 3D printing probes directly on customizable and exchangeable space transformers at pitches of less than 20 µm.

This unique method cuts cost and complexity, and offers unparalleled possibilities in customization, pitch, and lead time.

Feinmetall GmbH

Booth: 202

Since 1964 FEINMETALL GmbH is a leading company for spring contact probes and wafer probe cards. Our passion is to develop and manufacture contacting solutions for testing electrical and electronic components. Our products are being used in the semiconductor, electrical and electronic and automotive industry, and in many other segments.

It does not matter where in this world test jobs need to be mastered, there is a good chance that FEINMETALL is just around the corner. We always have a finger on the pulse of the market and are available to our customers on site with many locations in America, Asia and Europe.

Our solutions include vertical probe cards, probe cards for pads and copper pillars, probe cards for WLCSP, SiP analog and mixed signal flip chip applications as well as Cantilever probe cards.

Even for the most difficult contact-making tasks, highly specialized development and engineering teams we find the best possible solutions for our customers.

Feinmetall GmbH logo
Ferrotec Material Technologies Corporation

Booth: 110

Ferrotec is a world leader in advanced material, component, and system solutions. Ferrotec offers machinable ceramics and ceramic components manufactured using our advanced Photoveel material. Ferrotec ceramics offer exceptional strength and performance for probe card applications and are ideal for rapid prototyping and accelerating your time to market.

FormFactor Inc.

Booth: 212

FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM) is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug, to qualification and production test.

By expanding its broad-based test expertise across the design-to-silicon continuum, FormFactor can provide a comprehensive perspective, to become a trusted partner in the semiconductor industry ecosystem.


Booth: 204

For over 40 years, Gel-Pak®, a division of Delphon, has been a leading manufacturer of Gel-coated device carriers and films extensively used in semiconductor applications. Our carriers secure valuable components during shipping, handling, and processing while the proprietary film products serve a wide range of applications including fixturing and surface protection. As the manufacturer of the original Gel-Wafer, Gel-Pak has recently re-entered the probe tip cleaning market with the enhanced Gel-Probe™ product line which includes the Gel-Probe ReFine and Gel-Probe ReMove products. Gel-Probe ReFine polishing wafers and sheets are comprised of a unique Gel-based material blended with abrasive particles that provide an effective solution for eliminating embedded and bonded debris from probe tips. Our Gel-Probe ReMove wafers and sheets feature an exclusive non-abrasive Gel-based polymer, optimized for efficiently cleaning loose debris from probe tips.

Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Booth: 211

Heraeus Precious Metals is globally leading in the precious metals industry. For the use of probe cards and the wafer test industry, the product range comprises a variety of alloys for the production of cantilever needles, elements for vertical probing and further interfaces for carrying high currents, offering good signal-to-noise ratio and/or withstand corrosion effects strongly. The company is part of the Heraeus Group and covers the value chain from trading to precious metals products to recycling. It has extensive expertise in all platinum group metals as well as gold and silver. By 2025 Heraeus Precious Metals will be the first company in the industry that operates carbon neutral.

heraeus precious metals
Hermes Testing Solutions Inc.

Booth: 512

Hermes Testing Solution Inc. has grown together with semiconductor testing industry for decades. We provide thorough services and technical supports, including Probe Card/ Load board design, equipment service and customized products development. Comprehensive testing solutions ensure that our customers maximized their benefit.

htsi hermes testing solutions inc.

Booth: 220

Hioki has pursued unique technologies over its history so that it can provide new value to customers through high-quality products. For about 40 years after our founding in 1935, our business centered on volume production of meters and testers. Starting in 1974, we modernized our management and pursued an aggressive R&D program that yielded today’s four product groups. The result has been a distinctive portfolio that includes no-metal-contact voltage measurement technology, high-sensitivity current measurement technology, and other innovative technologies. Going forward, we will continue to embrace the challenge of uniqueness so that we can leverage our accumulated expertise to further improve technologies in areas such as sensing, high-frequency measurement, and electrochemistry; create new tentpole product groups; and contribute to society.

Integrated Technology Corp.

Booth: 507

The Ideal Probe Card Analyzers
Integrated Technology Corporation has been serving the needs of our customers since 1975.

We provide solutions for metrology and testing equipment in many areas:
The ITC line of Probilt, probe card analyzers provide fast, accurate and repeatable test data for all types of probe card technologies. Simple user definable vision parameters allow even the newest and most complex probe tips to be captured and accurately measured.

integrated technology corporation

Booth: 505

inTEST EMS designs, manufactures, and markets products that are used by semiconductor manufacturers to test their integrated circuits and wafer products. Since 1981, inTEST EMS solutions have grown to include test head manipulators, docking hardware, and test interfaces that enable automated test systems and device handling equipment to connect with accuracy, repeatability and safety with industry best ease of operation. Serving end-user and OEM customers through a worldwide network of sales and service.

intest ems
intest ems

Booth: 508

IWIN Co.,ltd. develops Board to Board connecting interposer for Probe card and Test equipment for the post processes of semiconductors with progressive stamping technology. We offer products of the best correspondence and the top quality for customer needs with competitive price.

iwin solution
JEM Taiwan Probe Corp.

Booth: 511

JEM Taiwan Corp. is a subsidiary of JEM (Japan Electronic Materials Corporation), a worldwide leader in probe card R&D and manufacturing. For over 30 years, JEM Taiwan is a supplier of technically advanced, high-quality probe cards and tester interfaces. With the power of MEMS probe card, we can meet the requirements in several key areas, including high pin count, hybrid and automotive solutions.

Corporate Mission
It is JEM’s mission to contribute to quality life of people by providing advanced technical products and worldwide services of the highest quality and value. We will strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in order to build long-term relationships.

Laser Job Inc.

Booth: 214

We are providing Laser Drilling services to Probe Card Manufacturers.

laser job
Lincstech Co., Ltd.

Booth: 203

On October 1, 2021 the Lincstech Group made a fresh start as an independent manufacturer specializing in printed wiring boards (PWBs).

As the PWB division of Hitachi Chemical and Showa Denko Materials, we have accumulated distinctive and advanced technologies over the past 50 plus years. We have also built connections and trust with our customers by listening to them and proposing solutions to improve the value of their products and services.

Our company name, Lincstech, is a combination of Link + C + Technology. Our company name incorporates our desire to provide value to our customers by using technology to connect the various “Cs” (communication, collaboration, co-creation…) that we consider important.

At Lincstech we are proud that our printed wiring boards assist our customers in realizing superior value in their products and services.

MPI Corporation

Booth: 513

MPI Corporation, founded in 1995, leads the world with advanced probing technology. MPI is dedicated to producing a state-of-the-art probing tool that enhances the speed of worldwide semiconductor technology migration.

NAGASE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. – 台灣長瀨股份有限公司

Booth: 102

NAGASE & CO., LTD. is a chemicals trading firm, founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1832. The NAGASE Group began as a specialized sales agent securing exclusive contracts to sell industry-leading products from around the world in Japan. Over the years, we have leveraged our technology and information gathering expertise —as well as our global network—to transform our business into a hybrid model offering superior manufacturing, processing, and R&D functions as well as trading company services. Looking forward to our 200th anniversary in the year 2032, we will contribute to the society as a Business Designer that creates a sustainable future.

Nidec SV Probe

Booth: 315

Nidec SV Probe is a leading provider of high-quality semiconductor testing solutions. With a diverse product line that includes MEMSFlex™, a range of customizable MEMS probes/probe cards and a variety of other probe card technologies, we supply advanced testing products for some of the most complex RF, 5G, Mobile, Automotive and IoT devices.

Nidec SV Probe’s unmatched manufacturing and support infrastructure provides coverage for major semiconductor regions across the globe. We have full design and manufacturing capabilities in the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Nidec SV TCL
Oxford Lasers

Booth: 108

Oxford Lasers is an innovator in laser-based technology. We provide ultra high-precision laser services and systems and specialize in the production of advanced vertical guide plates, providing a global outsourcing service to many Probe Card companies. We have the ability to laser drill and cut features with extremely high precision in a wide variety of materials from Silicon Nitride and Alumina through to Photoveel, Engineering Plastics and Polymers. These micro holes being suitable for square, rectangular or round probes with dimensions from 20 microns upwards. Holes can be drilled with extremely low corner radii, ultra-low taper and tight pitch. We are the home of laser innovations.

oxford lasers
oxford lasers
Posalux SA

Booth: 205

Experiencing challenges to process small holes and tiny probes?
As a machine tool manufacturer, Posalux offers reliable µ-machining solutions for mass production environments. To best answer your requirements of small holes with tight pitch as well as wafer and wire probes, we develop new ways to produce and manufacture parts. With our FEMTO-LASER μ-machining equipment, you will be able to perform various processes like drilling, cutting, and turning in almost all materials.


Booth: 112

Probe Test Solutions Limited (PTSL) delivers world leading ATE test hardware to blue-chip customers around the globe, including the highest frequency 120GHz RF Probe Card Solutions. Our team has a proven record of pioneering innovative technology that solves the most complex industry challenges.

Qualmax Testech Inc.

Booth: 504

We contribute to our customer’s success by being a world-class provider of innovative Semiconductor Test Hardware including Spring Probes (pogo-pins), Probehead, Test Sockets, Change Kit, Pogo Tower, Stiffener, Interposer Blocks and Other test related hardware.
We offer turn-key service to our customers, Probehead, Probes from design, manufacturing to outgoing inspection, all process in house.

qualmax experience maximum quality

Booth: 218

Samtec is Digital, RF, Power , Optical connection supplier. Highspeed up 56G/s, 112G/s, 224Gb/s connector & cable. RF/mm-wave connector, cable up to 40GHz/70GHz/110GHz. Power , Optical connector & cable solution.


Booth: 213

The culture of SEMICS encourages all challenges, regardless of the result.
“SEMICICS offers deep trust and high profit to all clients and business partners with the best products made with innovative technologies and challenging results.”

SEMICS has significantly contributed to resolving technical and operational problems in the EDS environment. We believe that our most important task is to be smart to resolve our clients’ biggest concerns.

SEMICS has always brought ‘trust’ to our partners. Offering “trust” is our sacred duty, for which we endeavor to be smarter and friendlier to build stronger solidarity than what SEMICS has accomplished so far.

SEMICS will never be satisfied with present accomplishments in continual pursuit of more contributions to making a better world. SEMICS will remain as the smartest partner who provides the best prober solution in the world.

STAr Technologies, Inc.

Booth: 303

STAr’s MEMS probe cards enables WAT tests for femto-ampere low-leakage current tests and 35um-pitch requirements. STAr further enables SoC ICs tests with MEMS vertical probe cards down to 45um pitch and >2A driving current. Our one-touch 3D MEMS micro-cantilever probe cards can significantly lower Cost-of-Test for Flash memory ICs by enabling tri-temperature tests with just one probe card. In addition, STAr supplies MEMS probe cards to CMOS image sensor (CIS) customers with C-PHY tests at >3.5GSPS and with next generation 6GSPS in development.

star technologies
star technologies
Sung Han Co., Ltd

Booth: 502

We focuses on the global supplier of “Vertical probe card” and “Light Source” for image sensor testing. We provides solutions for different product (ex: 12 inch or 8inch chip testing, Final test… etc)

We continue to develop new technology for customer to provide the latest manufacturing processes and provide customers with the best products and services. The main service industries CIS, fingerprint, TOF … etc.

sung han co ltd
T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH

Booth: 104

  • Probe Cards for HV/HC power device test (Si, SiC, GaN)
  • Known Good Die Test (KGD) for power device (Si, SiC: IGBT, MOSFET, Diode…)
  • Probe Cards for Sensors (MEMS, pressure, magnetic, gas, radiation…)
  • Vertical Probe Cards for Automotive ASICS, RADAR
  • Docking solutions for High Power probe cards (probe card, signal tower, load board suitable for automatic probe card changer)
Taiwan MJC Co., Ltd

Booth: 510

MJC designs, manufactures, and services advanced technology wafer probe cards: 1TD MEMS, Fine Pitch Vertical, MEMS Spring, for bump, pillar and pad applications. We also produce high performance test sockets for the semiconductor industry.


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TANAKA Precious Metals – 田中貴金属工業株式会社

Booth: 500

Since its foundation in 1885, TANAKA Precious Metals has built a diversified range of business activities focused on precious metals. Precious metals are used as various industrial materials by taking advantage of their unique properties, and the semiconductor test field is one of them. We make a wide variety of precious metal materials such as Wire / Sheet / Plating solution used for Probe Pin and Contact Probe materials used in semiconductor test. We can meet diversifying needs by utilizing precious metal material melting technology and processing technology cultivated over many years.


Booth: 305

We specialize in the design, development and production of probe cards for the biggest technology brands.


Booth: 313

Teradyne tests and helps build the world’s most innovative products. Our leading-edge testers and interface hardware make sure that new products work right the first time, every time. Our portfolio of industrial automation solutions helps manufacturers to develop and deliver new products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Zhejiang Goldlink Tech Co.,Ltd

Booth: 501

Goldlink specializes in producing precision semiconductor test probe parts. Since 2017, it has established the first domestic production base specializing in the production of semiconductor test probe parts in Jiaxing , Zhejiang, China. It has become the preferred supplier of the world’s top semiconductor test equipment enterprises with the world’s leading product quality.

The company has 223 sets of the most advanced precision CNC machines, a full set of post-processing and inspection equipments, and produces 15 million pieces of probe parts per month,and will reach 323 sets of CNC machines for probe parts in Oct. 2023. Goldlink plans to reach 400 CNC machines within 3 years, with a monthly capacity of over 40 million pieces.

The company provides various parts such as Top plunger, Bottom plunger, Barrel and Insulator for semiconductor test probes, as well as Heat treatment and Plating, especially specializes in micro-probes of Palladium Alloy, Beryllium copper and PTFE insulators.

zhejiang goldlink

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