SWTest Asia 2022 Program

SWTest Asia 2022 Full eProceedings

Chairman’s Welcome to SWTest Asia 2022 Opening Remarks

Jerry Broz, PhD
SWTest General Chair
Clark Liu
SWTest Technical Program Chair

Session #1: Getting Manufacturing Smarter

Session Chair: Clark Liu (MJC Taiwan – Taiwan)

Probecard Challenges for Expanding Arrays of Fine Pad Pitch Devices to Test Under Wide Temperature Range

Pouya Dastmalchi, PhD, and Cameron Harker (Formfactor – USA)
Presented by Pouya Dastmalchi, PhD (Formfactor – USA)

TestGeni – Test Development Intelligent Automation

Senthil Kumar Dhamodharan, Nachiappan Gnanasambandam, and Vaishnavi Saravanan (Caliber Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd – India)

Advanced Testing Technology for Future Requirement

Scott Huang (Kore Semiconductor Co., Ltd. – China)

Session #2: Meeting Process Challenges

Session Chair: Alex Yang (MPI Corporation – Taiwan)

Thermal Stability and Properties Of PALYSIUM – Revolutionary Probe Material

Dr. Jonas Fecher (Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG – Germany)

New Generation of Kelvin Spring Pins

Lambert Brost (Technoprobe – USA)
Presented by Ming-Ting Wu (Technoprobe – Taiwan)

Probe Card Market Dynamics in a Turbulent World

John West and Lin Fu (Yole Intelligence – United Kingdom)

Session #3: Test Challenges and Solutions

Session Chair: Dr. Jerry Broz, General Chair (Advanced Probing Systems – USA)

Validation of 55GHz Octal-site Wafer Test Probecard for 5G mmWave device

Peter Cockburn (Cohu, Inc. – United Kingdom)

Aging parametric testers versus determining measurement system vitality

Mike Palumbo (Technoprobe – USA)
Presented by Jeff Arasmith (Technoprobe America Inc. – San Jose, USA)

High Parallelism Probe Card on V93K Direct-Probe™ System to Increase Testing Throughput on Automotive IC

John Kao (Formfactor – Taiwan)

Session #4: Power, Magnets, and Memory

Session Chair: Dr. Alan Ferguson (Oxford Lasers – United Kingdom)

Testing challenges for latest SiC and GaN devices

Elia Petrogalli (SPEA S.p.A. – Italy)

Wafer Level Magnetic Testing of STT-MRAM for Process Control and Chip Sorting in Volume Manufacturing

Siamak Salimy (Hprobe – France) and Henry Chung (HTSI – Taiwan)

Next Generation DRAM Temperature Requirements and Impacts to Full Wafer Contactor Probe Card Performance

Myung Jin Lee (FormFactor – USA) and Hyun Ae Lee (Samsung Electronics – Korea)

Session #5: Testing for the Next Generation

Session Chair: Joey Wu (SWTest Asia Committee Member – Taiwan)

Challenges and Improvement Actions for HPC Wafer Testing

Oscar Lee, Harvey Lin, and Hung I Tsai (TSMC – Taiwan)

Known Good Die Memory Wafter Test Challenge Beyond DDR5 4GHz/8Gbps Speed

Alan Liao (FormFactor – USA)

High wattage dissipation under temperature – a new method for test evaluation

Klemens Reitinger (ERS electronic GmbH – Germany)

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